3linediary Privacy Notice

3linediary Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

3linediary (hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or "3linediary") hereby complies with provisions of relevant laws on protecting personal information including the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc., Personal Information Protection Act, Protection of Communications Secrets Act, and Telecommunications Business Act, and strives to make efforts to protect the rights of users by implementing the Privacy Notice in accordance with relevant laws.

1. Personal Information to be Collected and Means of Collection
2. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information
3. Provision and Sharing of Personal Information
4. Treatment and Consignment of Personal Information
5. Duration of Retention and Use of Personal Information
6. Process and Method of Removing Personal Information
7. The Rights of Users and Legal Representatives and Ways of Exercising Rights
8. Installation/operation of Automatic Personal Information Collection Tools and Refusal to such Service
9. Technical/Administrative Protection Measures for Personal Information
10. Contact Information of Chief Privacy Officer and Privacy Director
11. Miscellaneous
12. Duty of Notification

1. Personal Information to be Collected and Means of Collection


A.Personal Information to be Collected


The “Company” collects following personal information when you use the services of 3linediary for the first time, for the purposes of signing up, (or registration for the service), customer services, and provision of various services.


-Mandatory items: Email address, mobile device information

-Optional items: While using the service, users may be asked to enter their social media account information to link the service to their social media.

Lastly, while using the service, or in the course of business, the following information may be generated and collected automatically.


-IP Address, dates of use, records of service usage


B.Means of collecting Personal Information

The “Company” collects users’ personal information using the means below.


-Collection during the operation or use of the 3linediary program

-Collection using generated data collection tools

2.Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information


The “Company” uses collected personal information for the following purposes.

A.Provision of the 3linediary services


Mutual identification in the 3linediary system as registered by the user


B.User Management

Provision of membership services, member identification, prevention of misappropriation, or unauthorized use by abusive users (those whose access have been restricted from the app in accordance with Article 8 of the Terms and Conditions of 3linediary), confirmation of the intention to join, record-keeping for conciliation of disputes, customer service including complaint processing and notifications.


C.New Service Development and Marketing and Promotional Use

Development of new services and provision of customized services, provision of services based on demographics, advertising, service validation, provision of opportunities to participate in events or promotional information, identification of frequency of access to service, and compilation of statistics on users’ utilization of the service


3.Provision and Sharing of Personal Information

As a rule, the “Company” shall utilize personal information of the users in the scope as notified in “2. Purpose for Collection and Use of Personal Information.”

Users’ personal information shall not be disclosed outside or be used for purposes not specified in aforementioned “2. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information” without prior consent of the user. However, exceptions may apply under following conditions.

-When the user had given prior consent

-When required by law or requested by investigation agencies in accordance with the procedures and ways as defined in law for investigative purposes


4.Treatment and Consignment of Personal Information

The “Company” consigns personal information to the following subcontractor for improvement of service and defines requirements during the consignment contract to ensure safe management of the consigned personal information as per relevant laws.

The subcontractors and description of consigned works are as follows.

- N/A

5.Duration of Retention and Use of Personal Information

As a rule, users’ personal information shall be discarded immediately the moment their accounts have been deleted, or when the purpose of collection and use of personal information has been fulfilled. However, the “Company” may choose to save user information for a certain period of time as mandated by relevant laws when the laws stipulate the need for the data to be stored.


6.Process and Means of Removing Personal Information

As a rule, users’ personal information shall be removed immediately once the purpose of collection and use of personal information has been fulfilled. The “Company” shall follow the process and means below when discarding personal information.

A.Process of Removal


-The information submitted by user for sign-up shall be transferred to a separate DB (or a document box in case of paper documents) upon the fulfillment of purpose, and shall be stored for a certain amount of time for protection of privacy as per internal policies and relevant laws (refer to retention and use period) before being removed.

-Personal information shall not be used for purposes other than retention unless otherwise required by law.


B.Means of Removal


-Personal information printed on paper shall be discarded by using a shredder or incinerating.

-Personal information stored in electronic file formats shall be discarded using technical methods, through which restoring the records is not possible.

7.The Rights of Users and Legal Representatives, and Ways of Exercising Rights


-Users may inquire or modify their registered personal information at any desired time and may refuse to agree to the processing of personal information of the “Company” or request termination of membership (deletion of account). However, such action may restrict the users from using the service in its entirety or in part.

-Users may inquire or modify their personal information by clicking “Settings” in the application and may delete the account (to withdraw from the consent) by clicking “Settings > Account > Delete Account.” Immediate follow-up actions shall be taken upon contacting the Chief Privacy Officer via email.

-In cases where users request for the editing of their personal information, the said information shall neither be used nor provided until the editing is complete. If the information has already been provided to any third party, the results of the request shall be notified immediately to the corresponding third party for correction.

-The “Company” shall process personal information of the deleted account and personal information deleted as per the request of the user as defined in “5. Duration of Retention and Use of Personal Information” and restrict the peruse or use of the information for purposes other than as specified.


8.Installation and Operation of Automatic Personal Information Collection Tools and Refusal to such service

3linediary service does not use automatic personal information collection tools (cookies).


9.Technical/Administrative Protection Measures for Personal Information

The “Company” implements the following technical/administrative measures to prevent users’ personal information from being lost, stolen, leaked, or damaged.


A.Encryption of Personal Information


The “Company” safely saves and manages personal information through encrypted data in accordance with relevant laws or internal policies.


B.Countermeasures to Hacking Attacks, etc.

The “Company” exerts all efforts to protect users’ personal information from being leaked or damaged due to hacking or computer viruses.


The “Company” regularly backs up its data to prevent possible damage to personal information, uses latest vaccine programs to prevent any leakage or damage of personal information or user data, and ensures safe transfer of personal information on the network through encrypted communication.

The “Company” also controls unauthorized outside access by using an intrusion prevention system and exerts all efforts to equip all technical apparatus to ensure security of the system.


C.Minimization of the Number of Personnel in Charge of Personal Information and Training
Only the person in charge of processing personal information shall be given access to the information by entering a renewed password on a regular basis. Personal information training is regularly conducted to emphasize the importance of conforming to Willim’s Privacy Notice.


D.Operation of Exclusive Organization on the Protection of Personal Information
An exclusive organization dedicated to the protection of personal information is in place to review the fulfillment of Willim’s Privacy Notice and compliance of the person in charge and immediately deal with problems when found.

However, the “Company” shall take no responsibility for problems caused by leak of personal information such as ID or password due to the user’s negligence or Internet-related issues.


10.Contact Information of Chief Privacy Officer and Privacy Director

All problems on privacy-related issues which arise while using the service of the “Company” may be reported to the Chief Privacy Officer or the relevant department.

The “Company” shall provide timely and sufficient responses regarding your report.

Chief Privacy Officer and Privacy Director
Name: Bae joonho Affiliation: Willim Co. Title: CEO
Email Address: mywillim@gmail.com
Please contact the following institutions should you report or need consultation on other privacy breach issues.

-Identity Theft Report Center (http://www.118.or.kr / 118)

-Cybercrimes Investigation Division, the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office (http://www.spo.go.kr / 02-3480-2000)

-Cyber Terror Response Center, Korea National Police Agency (http://www.ctrc.go.kr / 1566-0112)


11. Miscellaneous

“3linediary Privacy Notice” has no control over and assume no responsibility for collection of personal information on websites linked to 3linediary services.

12.Duty of Notification

Notifications on any additions, deletions, or amendments to the current Privacy Notice shall be made at the “Company” website, “Notice” tab on the service, or other easy-to-access means, at least 7 days prior to modification. However, the notification shall be made at least 30 days prior to modification if significant changes such as collection and use of personal information or provision of personal information to third parties are to be made.

Effective Date: October 14th, 2016

(주)윌림 / willim Inc.

- 기업명 : (주)윌림

- 대표자명 : 배준호

- 사업자 등록번호 : 341-81-00628

- 사업장 주소

  본사: 경상북도 영천시 금호읍 대구대길 333, 창업보육센터 2호관 1104호

  서울: 서울시 강남구 선릉로 551 새롬빌딩 1층

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